Semi Automatic falafel machine
1. High productivity – Generates 1 Ball/second allows quick production for spikes in demand. Produces 40 - 50balls every 3min (includes frying and removal of balls)
2. Stand alone – complete solution for producing falafel; from Mixture to generating balls to frying – Ready to eat

Falafel machine (without fryer)
1.Designed to produce balls – will fit over existing fryer
2.Compact dimensions & Easy handling – 18” L / 14” D / 21” H   (45cm L / 35cm D / 54cm H), unit weighs 55Lbs (25Kg).  Electric source: 110V
3. Versatility – Can be mounted on any existing fryer using a universal adapter

Falafel mix
All Natural, No Flour
Our falafel absorbs the least oil content of all falafels thanks to the process of moisture evaporation during frying, thus blocking oil from penetrating the ball. The falafel ball comes out of the fryer with a thin fried shell leaving the inside moist and oil free.